Crispy Not ‘Chicken’ with Mash

Crispy Not ‘Chicken’ with Mash

Crispy Not ‘Chicken’ with Mash


Mock meats¬†are an easy transition food when you’re starting out as a vegan. Visit your local Asian grocery store to see what’s available. This dish can be served as a snack with a dipping sauce, or as a main meal as seen below with mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob.

200-300g mock ‘chicken’
50g breadcrumbs (packet variety is fine)
1 tbsp seasoning – we used Masterfoods All Purpose Seasoning (readily available)
Oil for deep frying

Crispy Not Chicken

1) Cut mock ‘chicken’ into strips or chunks
2) Place in a ziplock bag or bowl with breadcrumbs and seasoning and toss together.
3) Heat oil and fry ‘chicken’ in small batches until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.

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